Jake’s good with his hands and knows just how to use a tool.

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April, 14th, 2019.

We have an amazing Sunday Treat for you! Switch off your phone, close the curtains and get into some Dirty Work with Jake. This steamy, romantic novella is cliffhanger-free, free from cheating, and with a delicious happy ending that will keep you smiling all week.

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Dirty Work: A Bad Boy Romance

Jake’s good with his hands and knows just how to use a tool.
He can fix almost anything—except Felicia’s broken heart. Now she hates him, but he’s determined to get a second chance.
While he works on her house, can he work his way back into her heart?

She’s about to blow a fuse.
After one too many fights, Felicia’s devilishly handsome yet infuriating boyfriend moves out. Now Jake's her ex, and she's all alone in a house that's falling apart.

He needs a cold shower when he’s around her.
Jake is a skilled handyman. He’s willing to help out at her place… for a price. When he turns up the heat on their friendship, Felicia must make a difficult decision.

This house could be their home.
Friends with benefits is exciting, but it isn't enough for Felicia. Not when it comes to Jake. When it comes to him, she still wants it all…


What the Reviews Say

I love a good second chance story. Felicia's house is falling apart, lucky for her, her ex-boyfriend Jake just happens to be handy with a hammer. Calling Jake to fix things at her house seemed like a good idea to Felicia. That is until Jake decides to up the stakes by asking for "payment". Little did she know that fixing her house could just fix her relationship.

Just because it's a sweet story does not mean that this isn't a totally hot one. It's sweet in that they find out just how much it is worth it to work on the right relationship. But that does not take a away from some totally hot action.

Such a good book! It's hot and sexy with some wicked sex scenes, yet it's still cute and full of emotion. There's the right amount of angst, making this a wonderful, erotic, sweet little romance that can be read in a few hours. The length lets their love story unfold without any unnecessary distractions.

It's been a while since I read a realistic romance, and it was an enjoyable sidetrack from the larger than life stories I've been consuming lately. No dark pasts, no deep secrets, just regular guys, who are crazy about each other, and need to overcome daily issues to get to their happily ever after. Just the right amount of drama, and lots of fun and sexy times.

"Dirty Work", was a creative, sexy steamy short second chance at love, that uses a house in constant state of needed repair to bring this couple back together. Pick up this delightful novella!


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